Vehicle Wraps

Get Wrapped!

Vehicle wraps are the most inexpensive form of advertising when you consider the number of views that one vehicle can get in a given day/month/year.  Insignia has four vehicles in our fleet, including a 16 foot trailer and each is difficult to miss.  Our vehicle wraps present our brand and allow people to contact us by phone and/or our new mobile responsive website by Wingman Consulting.

Get Noticed!

Did you know?  In a town the site of Adrian, it is estimated that a single wrap will get 3-4 million views per year and be visible by nearly every demographic.


National Exposure

We have had the amazing opportunity to got Louisiana to wrap vehicles for two popular TV shows on the Sportsman Channel.  Our wraps have been broadcasted nationally and in August 2015, Rick was featured on the show Trained Assassins where he wrapped their trailer, truck and off road vehicle.  In fact, we have established a great relationship with the Trained Assassins crew and have gained their apparel and decal business, along with a third schedule trip to wrap another truck and trailer for them in 2016.



Rick has now taken multiple classes with Justin Pate, founder of The Wrap Institute. These classes have led Rick to become the only Avery certified wrap installer in South East Michigan and is listed as such on Avery’s website!


“Our experience with Insignia has always been above and beyond our expectations!  We asked Rick (of Insignia Graphics) to design our new delivery truck, and with not much information provided to him, he blew us away with his creativity!  He was very assertive to our needs.  The finished product was way more that we expected and his prices are more than fair.  He takes great pride in his work and personal relationship with his customers.  We have had several things made by him and he always completes them in a timely fashion.  We highly recommend Insignia to anyone looking for a designer.  His business cards are on our counter, that’s how confident we are in his company!  There’s something to be said for a small town family business and Insignia is a great example!”

Lori Stewlow
Bailey’s Water Care

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How do I care for my vehicle wrap?

If you must go through a car wash, we always recommend a touch-free car wash, but preferably hand wash to avoid any lifting from a power washer. Insignia provides Croftgate aftercare products to all of our wrap customers to help ensure that their wraps last and STAND OUT. We also offer free cleaning and sealing every 6 months for the life of your wrap.

How long with my vehicle wrap last?

If installed properly, a vehicle wrap should last many years. Insignia will personally warranty our vehicle wraps for 3 years.*

*Wrap must be installed over OEM paint and properly cared for in order for warranty to be honored.

Why should I come to Insignia for my vehicle wraps?

Not only does Insignia have an exceptionally creative design team to bring your wrap to life, we also house the only certified wrap installer in the area with hundreds of wraps under his belt.

Will the wrap damage my paint?
No. A vehicle wrap when applied and removed correctly, will not damage your car’s OEM paint, and will actually protect it.

Is a vehicle wrap removable?

Yes, our vehicle wraps can be removed at any time with proper methods. Meaning, if you are leasing your vehicle or wanting to sell it, we can take it back to stock quickly.

What if I have multiple vehicles?

We specialize in fleet vehicles. Whether you have 2 vehicles or 200, consistency is key! We save all graphics and can modify them to meet the needs and specifications of each individual car, truck or trailer. **Fleet Gallery**